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“ Har din Har Ghar Ayurveda"

Talking about har din har ghar Ayurveda .

So we all are aware of our Granny's nuskaas for everything for example kadha for kaas, taapSwed for shwas, shunthi lep for shirashool, and many such.The list would be infinite.

I find no need to teach each one ayurved because it's in our motherland..What the need says is we have to provide right education and enhance their knowledge more so the goal har din har ghar Ayurved would be achieved.

People believe results and this results would be achieved by efforts of all as one.

Now coming back to point

Let's talk about the topic .

Dincharya, ratricharya , rutucharya isn't new for all now .I would talk about a generalized charya .

For swasthya rakshan one must getup on bramhamuhurta.

Prataha karma of sauch vidhi is expected as if it is not regular may be suggestive of ajeerna or vitiation of vaayu and much.

A continuous chain of dosh dushti piles up and further leads to indriya dushti.

We need to talk about some measures that are followed daily related to netra.

1)Nasya- as nasa is shirso dwar and Shir is adhisthan of all indriya so to boost or enhance activity of chaksurendriya nasya is used

From using basic things as goghrut, dugdha, sharkara jal, saindhav jal,shunthi churna to many medicated ghruta tail nasya are used daily as the karma expects as shodhan,shaman ,bruhan

2)Various types of netrasek as gulab jal, dugdha ,triphala jal to medicated kwaths and sneha can be used.(this is further divided according to vyadhis and doshas)

3)Anjan can be used in 2 forms daily and once a week

(As chakshu being tej pradhan has bhay from sleshma so sravanartha once a week teekshnanjan is. Used)

4)If shiromarmabhighat janya/shirogat vaat janya netra vikruti ..

One can practice shiropichu daily.

5) Padabhyanga can also be practiced daily for drushti prasadan with basic go ghruta to medicated ghruta

6)Mukhalep should be encouraged.

7) Netrastha sneha dharan i.e tarpan is advised according ro doshas

8) bidalaks can be given according to dosha and karma

For example rakta prasadan yashti sariva bidalak

9) If pratishyay janya akshi rog is occured,then dhupan with upkunchika is given

10) chakshushya aahariya dravya should be used in daily practice also tratak from yoga shastra and various eye exercises should be encouraged

Hot water bath contraindicated as it harms eyes

Also achakshushya dravya and karma should not be used.

Shodhan is important in people with bahudosh

And when the doshas are restricted to eyes

Jatruurdhva karma can be used .

All this was a generalized way to explain the simplicity of Ayurveda.

But precision comes from the knowledge of nidan(cause), aatur and vyadhi bal nyan, rutu ,matra ,desh ,kaal and much more ..

Having nyan of all these factors and having yukti as quality , such chikitsak never fails in chikitsa with precision

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