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Kati Basti in modern pharmacological view


  In Sanskrit, ‘Kati’ means lower back and ‘Basti’ means to retain. In the modern world, the sedentary lifestyle coupled with hours of spending time sitting in front of digital devices leads to the back losing strength from stress, poor posture, physical trauma, and poor diet. The use of herbal oil on the back has therapeutic, pain-relieving, and strengthening benefits.   The Benefits of Kati Basti Kati Basti is a soothing lower back treatment where a generous quantity of herbal oils are retained on the back to heal pain, inflammation, and stiffness. The warm herbal oil allows absorption into muscles, ligaments, and tendons, thereby relaxing the back and healing any underlying conditions, calming pain and stiffness. The treatment additionally de-stress the entire body.   Sooth Pain in Lower Back & Limbs The herbal oil penetrates deeply into the muscles and helps address pain in the lower back.   Relieves Stiffness in Lower Back & Limbs In addition to relieving stiffness, the therapy helps  restore the alignment of the spine.   Strengthens Lower Back The herbs in the medicated oil have healing properties that strengthen the back from within.   Soothes Nerves The oil and the massage that follows has a therapeutic effect that soothes the nerves   Enhances Blood Supply Promotes better circulation by removing stagnant blood, fluids, and toxins from the lower back area.   Improves Movements The musculoskeletal therapy aids in promoting cellular memory of the muscle tissue thus improving movements.   Probable mode of action of Kati Basti:-Katibasti was the procedure selected for local application as Kati is the most probable region afflicted in this condition.Kati Basti is a snigdha, saagni type of swedana which by its local effect helps in relieving Stambha, Shaityata. and helps in relieving intensity of pain and stiffness. It may help in immediate relief of symptoms causing an analgesic effect. The lipoidal bond is suitable for penetration of drug molecules through stratum corneum. On this basis, it can be assumed that, in Katibasti oil helps in the formation of lipoidal bonds thus helps in penetration of drug molecules. Katibasti is a type of Swedana, so it induces hyperthermia which improves local blood and lymphatic circulation and thereby improving local tissue metabolism. It reduces inflammation by modifying secretions of various inflammatory mediators, relaxes local musculature by physical effect of heat, increases the rate of transdermal drug delivery and thereby reduces pain. Procedure:-    The prepared dough is fixed on the lumbosacral area in a circular shape, taking care to prevent any leakage of oil. The chosen medicated oil is heated passively. Required quantity of oil (sufficient enough to fill the space within the ring of wet flour) is taken in a small bowl.The bowl is kept in the vessel filled with hot water. When the oil gets warm, the bowl is removed. Oil is poured into the compartment (space within the constructed ring of wet flour).The oil is heated up to warmness over the water bath and poured slowly inside the ring. Its uniform temperature is maintained throughout the process by replacing warm oil. The oil is kept for 30-40 minutes. After the prescribed time, oil is removed by dipping cotton and squeezing in a container or with the help of spoon. A uniform temperature of potties is maintained by reheating and replacing the oil heated. Care should be taken to maintain the temperature of the oil in the Basti pool. The temperature should be kept uniform throughout the procedure (until the procedure is completed). For this to happen, the oil from the should not be completely removed) and replaced by warm oil (on the other side, simultaneously oil is passively heated). Complications: Burn and Discomfort due to prolonged lying   Contraindications: Acute fever, acute stage of Rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory or infective conditions, Haemorrhagic disease, Kidney disease.   Duration: 7-21 days depending on the nature and intensity of the disease.

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